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Combat Trauma: The Spousal Response to PTSD is about the residual effects of war--a malady that enslaves the warrior and sabotages relationships between warrior, spouse, and family members. Then it takes one more step--it presents ways to survive, to build trust, and a future.


For those of you who are experiencing tough, gut-wrenching, teeth grinding , fist clenching moments with your spouse I urge you to read Diana's book for some insight that shows you that you are not alone.

A Spouse of a Veteran


 I was further humbled to be invited to share a few circle discussions with Diana and the Warrior wives, each had a story to tell about their PTSD experiences, and Diana offered to pen their stories, a feat that took her several years!

A Spouse of a Veteran


This book will not only give you a personal insight into PTSD, it also reveals the personal and painful post-war aftermath the spouses were subjected to, and the learning/coping skills they had to acquire along the way to adjust to their Warriors return home.

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